10 Personalized Gifts for Pilots

10 Personalized Gifts for Pilots

Being a pilot has to be one of the most stressful and awesome jobs in the planet. Travelling to different countries and seeing the world is every man’s dream.  Taking control of a large machinery, soaring into the bright blue sky, the ground falling away beneath you must be the best feeling ever. The best gift for a pilot will be a perfect mix of creativity, precision and personal. So, what do you gift your awesome friend/spouse with an awesome job? Worry not! We are here to help with personalized gifts for pilots.

Top 10 Personalized Gifts for Pilots:

  1. Power banks: 

PromotionalWears offers you high quality customizable power banks to help them keep up with their busy and tight schedules leaving them little to no time to keep their electronics charged for flights. Gift them a trusted solution- a power bank.

Personalized Powerbanks

What’s better than a power bank? A power bank notebook. We offer you customizable high quality 5000 mAh power banks  with a notebook to journal their favorite flights and incidents.

  1. Trolley bags:

What do pilots do? Travel. What do they need? A sturdy trusted companion to accompany them on their travels. With our light weight scratch proof water resistant trolley-bag ,give your aviator friend an exceptional gift for their endeavors.

These customizable gifts can be branded with her name or a logo of his airline company to give your friend a valuable and safe experience.

  1. Journals:

Being pilot is a dream come true. You get to experience life and perceive things in new light.  Give them a beautiful gift to note down their most memorable experiences to look back and feel good later. The customizable leather journal that we offer are refillable, meaning you can add more pages as you go forward and compatible.

Help them start a new beautiful habit with our vintage leather journal.

  1. Headphones:

Just like passengers on a plane, pilots are worried about their ears. Choose from our wide range of headphones with extra cushion and noise cancellation features. Let them listen to their favorite song or podcast in peace. Although, the airline offers them headphones, gift them a high-quality customized headphone to help them get away from the loud cockpit.

Personalized Headphones

  1. Led flashlights:

When the light is scarce in the cockpit, help them find their way with their own personalized flash-light. These can be clipped to backpacks, pockets or belts and has 4 modes with an added telescopic function. These are hand and extremely useful.

  1. Vacuum flasks:

Help your aviator friends stay hydrated and nourished with their own personalized vacuum-flask made with rust less steel. A good flask saves so many single-use plastics you get on the aircraft, and they can carry it around easily in a flight bag across nations.

Customized Vaccum Flask

  1. Business card holder:

It is very essential with anyone following a strict ad rigid schedule to have their most essential documents at arm’s length. Gift them an elegant, sleek and classy card holder with a magnetic cover customized to suit their needs.

  1. Magnifying paperweights:

Magnifying paperweights are handy and extremely useful. Help them keep their documents in order without the hassle of putting on glasses every time they want to read with our paperweight with utility.

  1. Combo gifts:

What’s better than one gift? A whole lot of them! PromotionalWears offers you the best combo gifts for your flying friend. A leather belt, pen,cool sunglass and a trendy wallet that are customizable are definitely a deadly combo.

  1. Jackets:

A cool gift for your extremely cool pilot. These high-quality jacket are exactly what you friend needs to explore new cities and make new memories.

Personalized Jackets

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