Buy promotional products online

Buy promotional products online

Buy promotional products online

promotionalwears is a creative platform for custom clothing Buy promotional products online from here. Dedicated to providing beautiful printed designs and messages on merchandise at a prudent price. They offer a simple and easy design template to make your business dress up in a way you like it. They even allow you to decide how much customization you want on your merchandise

Multiple benefits can be derived from logo printed T-shirts as they are walking advertisements for your business and this is the reason that has made corporate T-shirts printing so illustrious. And not only the T-shirts but logo printed caps also serve the same benefits to your business. Corporate caps are used to carry out the marketing campaign and allow the bearer to keep your message in their minds.

Buy promotional products online
Buy promotional products online

Bags play a prominent role in gift giving, decorations, transportation and they can also use for advertising and marketing. promotionalwears is the leading bags manufacturers in Delhi. They manufacture almost all kind of bags like laptop bags, school bags, backpacks and many others. They are not confined to manufacturing rather they are one of the most prominent bags distributor in India who offer durable bags with unmatched quality and that too on great discounts.

Buy promotional products online
Buy promotional products online

Business Outfitters in India by promotionalwears aimed at providing some simple marketing ideas based on the business itself. A business outfitter is an elite division that allows customers to get their logo engraved on the merchandise offered by them. And, if you have your company’s shirts, caps, T-Shirts and other merchandise get your logo embroidered on them from promotionalwears.

Buy promotional products online
Buy promotional products online

Corporate gifts for occasions like business anniversary, meeting, retirements are offered to make them cherished for a long. Under this category, they offer a broad range of products like pens, engraving plates, desk accessories and many other items. To boost your brand, they offer promotional products like bags, drink wares and many other items on which the logo of your company can be engraved or printed

For Any types of customised gifts online call us +91- 92-1003-4313 or contact us here


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  1. I find that really hate to believe, screen printing is a very basic form of printing and it is something that has made a comeback as of recent. I live in a city of 400 K and I know of at least 4 businesses that screen print and 3 more that do DtG and a handful of people that do screen printing out of their basements as an art form.

  2. I think they print to sheets and iron on which comes off after a few washes. It’s usually used for stag parties or hen nights etc where they dont need the print to last very long

  3. They are working with someone local manufacturers… Online you’ll most likely be paying low cost, good and decent local vendor could probably get your price per shirt down to 100 Rs depending on the garment quality and number of print colours.

  4. Had a buddy make and sell t-shirts for video game events. Such a quick and easy business. Pretty cool to see a larger operation going. Will be checking out that site of yours

  5. Onine Shop around locally in your area in india. If you’re in a big city you should have an industrial area with a garment district or at least a few big apparel companies/suppliers. Online it’s a crap shoot if you’re going to maintain quality. Look at private label vs someone else’s sewn in tag. Quality control is only the beginning when it comes to apparel/t-shirts.

  6. If you have had done t shirt printing for your company before, do should try promotionalwears they have recommendation solution for all.
    Thanks promotionalwears for advice me best!

  7. Hi, I’m trying to print original t shirts for my business and I’ve been searching online where I should order from (probably less than 10 shirts for now). As far as I see, I don’t see much difference from comparing one online service to the another. I also searched around for those non-online services (i.e. not one of those custom ink types; actual t shirt printing businesses) but honestly it’s hard to say which one is better or worse.

  8. You can try Screenprinting. They have a graphic designer on staff and might be able to morph the design a little to make sure it’s compliant if they can’t print as-is.

  9. I used promotionalwears. I’m sure you could google it and fun them srry I’m mobile. Always helpful professional and not very expensive
    Edit nvm. Idk about copyright complications.

  10. Hi all,
    I’m looking for a company that prints to tanks / vests or especially these extended vests like this!
    Everything I’ve found is the normal fitness style vests.

  11. At my institute in india, we do custom t-shirt printing in our sign. Students in the Tech Department have access to all the equipment. We can do silk screening, custom t-shirt vinyl, and image transfers. And since we are a institute, not a business, you aren’t paying quite as much as you would for a company to do it.
    If you would like more info, send me a message and I’ll give you as much information as you desire.

  12. my Wife runs a business (online clothing store) tried using print bar and getting email responses from them was like fregnece of god.. such a very goood staff and support proper guide

  13. We use a lot of different types of t-shirts,and shirts from Apparel parts. We use a couple of different distributors…Feeling very happy after talk with promotionalwears team, very useful and very impressive website

  14. Oh, after you enter, you get a URL to share that has a referral code in it. You can paste that on your twitter, facebook, in band forums, wherever you think people will click it!

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