Corporate Diwali Gift Options: Choose Gifts According to Your Budget

Corporate Diwali Gift Options: Choose Gifts According to Your Budget

Diwali is India’s most important religious festival celebrated with gusto and merriment when people exchange gifts to commemorate the event? The tradition of gifting goes a long way back, and presently the culture of exchanging Corporate Diwali gift has become an established trend. In the present times, it is not only families and individuals that exchange gifts but the corporate sector as well.

Companies engaged in the myriad sectors of trade and commerce present corporate business and promotional gifts to their stakeholders. Employers bestow a variety of divinity, household, technology, and branded gifts to employees, clientele, and vendors as a token of gratitude. After all, your clients, employees, suppliers, and distributors spare no effort in making your business grow and develop.

Offering Diwali corporate gifts to your firm’s stakeholders are an excellent way of demonstrating that ‘you matter’ to the organization. At the same time, you give out business and promotional gifts to bolster your business relationships with one and all. It is implicit that when you present corporate Diwali gift to your customers and workforce, you expect returns on investments.

So, if conferring costly Diwali presents does not improve your business’s bottom line, then the exercise is rendered a sacrilege. Alternatively, if you choose inexpensive gifts, you’ll leave a bad impression on the recipients. Therefore you should first set a prudent budget for selecting gifts that are useful and also do not break the budget. 

Depending upon your budget, you can select corporate gifts within Rs 500corporate gifts under Rs 1000 or corporate gifts under Rs 2000.

Pick and Choose Corporate Diwali Gift According to Your Budget

corporate gift under budget

Even the most prosperous and well-off firms and businesses do not have an unlimited budget for presenting corporate Diwali gift. And the same applies to you or your company. So, start by first working out the maximum amount you can manage to pay for gifting every employee and customer.

While doing the calculations, keep in mind the employee’s job profile. And when it comes to apportioning a budget for your clientele, focus on the number of years they’ve been doing business with you. Also, take into account the volume of business you receive from every client of yours.

Corporate Diwali Gift Ranging from Rs.500 to Rs. 2000 and above

corporate gifts under 500-0200

To say the least but not the last, try to maintain a semblance of rationality while determining the amount. To put it simply, choose gifts creatively so that everybody feels honored and privileged after receiving the same from you.  

1. Corporate Gifts under Rs 500

  • Flute playing Ganesha idol (Rs. 499)
  • Golden Flask with Strainer (Rs. 499)
  • Memory Keychain with Metal Pen (Rs 499)
  • Mega Lunch Box Microwaveable (Rs 399)
  • Dual Color Power Bank with Polymer Battery (Rs 499)
  • Ipacy Folding Backpack Bag (Rs 499)

2. Corporate Gifts under Rs 1000

  • 10gm Laxmi Ganesha Silver Coin (Rs 875)
  • Sleeping Ganesha Beautiful Idol (Rs 999)
  • Gold Plated Rickshaw (Rs 999)
  • Gifts Card Holder Pen Clock and Keychain set of 4 (989)
  • Mr. Cool 15 Water Jug (Rs 999)
  • Digital Clock with Photo Frame (Rs 799)

3. Corporate Gifts under Rs 2000

  • 3-in-1 Laptop Backpack Duffel Bag with Sling Bag (Rs 1999)
  • Glass Kettle Inbuilt Tea Infuser Basket (1599)
  • 5000Mah Power Bank Notebook with 16GB Pen Drive
  • Corporate Business Gift Set (Rs 1999)
  • Personalized Fairy Photo Frame (1699)
  • Amaze Three-Piece Set Case Roll (Rs 1899)  

4. Corporate Gifts above Rs 2000

  • 1 gram Ganesha Gold Bar  (Rs 4599)
  • 100 gram Laxmi Ganesha Silver Coin (Rs 5,346)
  • Blaupunkt True Wireless HD Sound Bluetooth Earbuds (5,499)
  • Alexa Smart SS Kettle (Rs 2,559)
  • Blackberry Executive Laptop Bag (Rs 2,656)
  • Titanium Plus Gold Plated Swiss Military Ballpoint Pen

Gift the Best Corporate Gifts to Your Employees without Overshooting Budget

corporate gift for employees

Selecting corporate gifts under Rs 2000 or corporate gifts above Rs 2000 is easier said than done. For a start, you’ve to choose gifts that are perfect for the occasion and simultaneously ensure to stay within budget. Your sincere intent to present top quality business corporate gifts under Rs 2000 is limited by your budgetary constraints.

The task of picking the appropriate corporate gifts above Rs 2000 or below Rs 2000 becomes less challenging if you follow certain guidelines. The very first thing that you need to do is to set a budget for your corporate Diwali gifting policy. Decide well in advance the amount you can afford to apportion for every employee and thereafter estimate your budget.

Once you’ve a budget in place, the task of finding corporate gifts under Rs 1000 or corporate gifts above Rs 2000 will seem less challenging. Next, start looking for corporate gift options that suit your budget.

Present Personalized Gifts that Embody Your Feelings

It does not need to be emphasized that you share a strong bond with your employees regardless of their hierarchical level. Starting from the valet who parks and maintains your cars to the CEO who oversees office administration, every employee contributes towards your company’s growth and development. Had it not been for your workforce, you’d been at your wits’ end in effectively completing your day-to-day business obligations.

Though you keep incentivizing your personnel for their contributions from time to time, presenting gifts during Diwali assumes extraordinary significance. Diwali is not only the most celebrated festival of Indians but also one of the most popular celebrations in the world. Why not make your staff members’ Diwali festivities in 2019 highly reminiscent by offering personalized corporate gifts under Rs 1000?

If you feel that buying gifts costing Rs. 1000 individually is beyond your means as you have a large number of employees, then you can choose corporate gifts under Rs 500. You can select from a wide variety of corporate gifts within Rs 500 including but not limited to divinity gifts, household gifts, and technology gifts. Even a corporate gift under Rs 500 becomes singular and unique when you impart a personal touch to it. And bestowing an imprint that embodies your feelings and makes the gift item exceptional does not have to be expensive either. You can have the gifts under 500 for employees wrapped in gift paper and print employees’ names without exceeding the budget.  


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