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Corporate Occupational Diwali Gifts Ideas 2019

One of the most celebrated festivals of India is Diwali, which is coupled with gift-giving, shopping, fireworks, and other activities to make the occasion more special. Amongst, all the activities gift-giving and shopping are the most popular and traditional ones. The significance of Diwali, gifting is not confined to relatives and friends but has gone beyond, and now corporate and business houses gift their staff and employees to make the occasion more special. Corporate Occupational Diwali Gifts Ideas can help to choose a gift by nature of business.

Employees are treated and considered as an asset and powerhouse of a corporate or business house. The gifts are given to motivate them and to boost their morale so that employees can work more efficiently towards the achievements of the organizational goals. Gift giving is a token of acknowledgment of their hard work and a symbol to let them believe how important they are for the organization.

Corporate Occupational Diwali Gifts are for every staff and profession, old or aged staff, young staff, seasoned or a new joiner. But the Diwali gifts for office employees are such that it will harness your relationship with your staff and employees. Some of the best Diwali gifts for your employee can be home décor items, chocolate and dry fruits hamper, light holders and other eye-catching and heart-warming items. These gifts will let your employees feel welcome and generate positive energy among them.

7 Best Corporate Diwali Gifts for Field Staff

Diwali Gifts for Field Staff

There are the Best Diwali Gifts for Field Staff

  • Airplane luggage tag – Field staffs of Remount Logistics Services will work with greater enthusiasm when they receive this item
  • Aqua personalized water cooler – This gift carrying the names of the employees of Elixir Marketing Company cannot get more personal
  • Black transparent sipper – Potpourri Advertising Services’ field staff will work with more enthusiasm when they receive this gift
  • Boxy metal roller ball pen set – Radiant Marketing Company field staff will be motivated to work harder when they receive this Diwali gift
  • Car charger with keychain and charging cable – Present this gift to all your field staff who work selflessly for your organization throughout the year
  • Carepec travel toiletry pouch– Print the name and logo of your company on this item before gifting it your dedicated staff
  • Clock with rotating dual photo frame – Your field staff will appreciate your gesture when you gift this item to them.

Best Diwali Gifts for Liquor Company

Diwali Gifts for Liquor Company

There are the Best Diwali Gifts for Liquor Company

  • Hanging metal loop keychain with bottle opener
  • Hammered steel flask– Print your company’s logo and name and your employee’s initials to emphasize the personalization
  • H2O pro bottle– This item is worth gifting to the “best employee 2019 of Firewater Beverages LLC’
  • Golden flask with strainer– Gift this item to employees of your Elite Liquor Company this festive season to gain their allegiance
  • Glow in the dark dual car charger– Staff members of Heritage Spirits Company will become enthused when they see their names etched on this gift.
  • Elite Tritan sports bottle– Gift this sports bottle to employees decorated with the message “Titan Beverages Company” and emblem
  • Designer table clock– Keep members of your staff in high spirits by gifting this designer clock displaying company name and logo.

7 Unique Corporate Diwali Gifts for Masons

Diwali Gifts for Masons

There are the Unique Diwali Gifts for Masons

  • Brew and Go vacuum flask– Gift this item to your personal mason who goes out of the way to provide masonry services
  • Brown power bank with box– On this gift, imprint the names of all those masons who renovated your firm last month
  • Car with home charger 2 USB ports– Present this item to all those masons who purchase masonry items from your firm
  • Coco phone with HD speaker– Bestow this gift to masons who were deputed to build your home
  • Corpo mug– Offer this item to masons who place an order for cement from your company
  • Crown shape metal keychain with bottle opener– Print the names of masons on this gift and present it to masons who buy gravel from your firm
  • Customized photo frame with clock– Emboss your company’s name and logo on this gift and bestow it all masons who order bricks from your firm.

7 Useful Diwali Gifts for Mechanics

Diwali Gifts for Mechanics

There are the Useful Diwali Gifts for Mechanics

  • Blaupunkt wireless headphone with turbo bass mode– Print the message “To the top employee for servicing the highest number of cars” on this item before gifting
  • Bryto desk lamp with pen stand– Gift this item to the mechanic embossed with his name who has serviced your car since you purchased it
  • Car Wireless Bluetooth receiver adaptor– Present this item to all those mechanics who regularly buy mechanical tools from your firm
  • Clock with rotating dual photo frame– Gift this item to mechanics who purchase wrenches from your hardware company
  • Cosmos galaxy lunch box– Impart a touch of personalization to this item by printing the names of mechanics who order carburetors from your company
  • Cricket ball shape telephone– This is an ideal Diwali gift for mechanics who buy dashboards from your company
  • Customized prism flask– Add your company’s name and logo on this item and present it to mechanics who purchase carjacks from your company
  • Customized table clock– On this item, carve out the names of all doctors who regularly prescribe your medicines to their patients.

7 Best Corporate Diwali Pharmaceutical gifts

Corporate Diwali Pharmaceutical gifts

There are the Best Diwali Pharmaceutical gifts

  • 3U lighthouse power bank– Present this item to your family physician printed with his name and he’ll offer better healthcare
  • Band-it personalized notebook– Individualize this notebook by stamping the name of your company’s physician and he’ll be enamored
  • Beautiful Ganesha statue– Gift this attractive item to all those doctors who attended your firm’s medical conference last month
  • Bing Bluetooth speaker with clock– Personalize this item by printing the names of all those medical representatives who promote your medicines
  • Blaupunkt Portable Bluetooth speaker– Customize this gift item by etching the names of distributors who purchase pharmaceutical items from your company
  • Bluetooth headset with 360 ˚ surround sound– Individualize this item by printing your firm’s name and logo before gifting to all your clients
  • Booklight lamp– Present this item to all those dealers and retailers who sell your pharmaceutical items.

7 Diwali Gifts Ideas for Shopkeepers

Diwali Gifts Ideas for Shopkeepers

There are the Diwali Gifts Ideas for Shopkeepers

  • 2 port USB car charger– Gift this item to shopkeepers who regularly procure goods from your concern and they’ll be grateful to you
  • 3D wall clock– Print the names of retailers regularly placing orders on your e-commerce site and fortify your relationships with them.
  • Bamboo mug–  Carve the names of retailers and distributors with whom you do business throughout the year on this item and make them happy
  • Bing Bluetooth speaker with clock– Whenever shopkeepers that routinely buy merchandise from your agency will see their names on this item, they’ll praise you
  • Blaupunkt 12W Bluetooth speaker– Present this item to the merchant who has placed the maximum number of orders on your trading site
  • Bluetooth earphone set– Stick a handwritten thank-you note on this item and present it all shopkeepers who do business with you
  • Bluetooth stereo adapter audio receiver– Customize this item by engraving the names of your most prospective traders and gift it to them.

7 Diwali Best Gifts for Sportsmen

Diwali Best Gifts for Sportsmen

There are the Diwali Best Gifts for Sportsmen

  • Gold plated photo frame– Inscribe the message “To the best sportsperson of Anchor Electrical Company” before gifting to the deserving employee
  • Folding Leatherette travel bag– Emboss your company’s name and logo on this item for presenting to the employee who has excelled in inter-corporate sports
  • Foldable Bluetooth headphones– Sports goods companies can personalize this item by adding clientele’s names and logos
  • Florence metal pen- Local sporting clubs can gift this item to gifted sportspersons engraved with their names
  • Easy pour flask 1.5l– National sports associations can present this item as a Diwali gift to recognized sportsmen
  • Double-sided logo-engraved metal keychain– Sports bodies and associations can order this item in bulk for gifting to sportsmen and sportswomen
  • Dot style surface pattern power bank– Sportsperson who have represented their respective countries in international sports meet deserve this gift.

Promotionalwears comes with great ideas of Best Professional Gifts Ideas. We are well aware that the worship of Lakshmi and Ganesha is inevitable on the occasion of Diwali, so we offer designer and personalized idols to serve your gifting requirements. Apart from this gold and silver coins are also offered as gift items to mark the occasion as special. Corporate Occupational Diwali Gifts for every type of business. Our gifts are designed to provide a podium for brand building.

Further, if you are looking for unique and astonishing Diwali gifts for men and women employees individually, we have a great Corporate Occupational Diwali Gifts Ideas that can let them feel special. From watches to laptop to travel companion and statement folder that will keep them excited as well as motivated. And for your women employees, we offer complete Diwali combo, candle and almond potli, chocolate boxes and many other items. And the biggest part is that we personalize and customize the gift items to let them feel more special on the occasion.

Your gifts can let them feel we are playing our role perfectly in the growth of the organization. Diwali gifting is not an expense rather it is an investment that will yield you great profits in the near future. And at promotionalwears it is assured that you gift more while being prudent.

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