10 unique personalized Diwali gifts

Top 10 Unique Personalized Diwali Gifts for Clients in 2019

Diwali, India’s most celebrated religious event popularly known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ is barely a month away. Everybody, from a 5-year-old girl to a 70-year old grandparent, eagerly waits throughout the year, for the arrival of Diwali.  It is not only families and individuals that are agog about celebrating and sharing unique personalized Diwali gifts but businesses as well.

As an employer or business development manager you have and continue to work hard to maintain a good rapport with your clients. Your clientele or customers are an extension of your family, and therefore preparing a personalized Diwali 2019 gifting plan is already overdue. In the corporate realm, it is extremely crucial to make your clients feel that they are cared for and esteemed.

Presenting remarkable personalized Diwali gifts to all your clients during the auspicious occasion is a gracious acknowledgment that they matter. Giving away Diwali gift for client will make your customers extremely happy and help inculcate a feeling of esprit de corps. Conferring unique personalized Diwali gifts to your esteemed customers will enable your business to thrive and also boost your goodwill.

Diwali Gifting: A Good Way to Strengthen Your Old Corporate Relations

Diwali offers you the perfect occasion to reinforce ties with new clients and refresh associations with steadfast clientele. By presenting corporate personalized Diwali gifts to your customers, you not only promote your brand but also gain a competitive advantage. There are many good reasons behind purchasing and giving away remarkable personalized Diwali gifts to clients.

For a start, maintaining the tradition of personalized Diwali gifting goes a long way in boosting your brand’s (product or service) image. When you offer a promotional or business gift to a client embossed with the company’s name and logo, your brand receives widespread publicity. The client will show the gift to his or her near and dear ones and may recommend them to buy your offering.

Diwali offers the ideal setting to reconnect with your old clientele with whom you’ve not been in touch for years. This momentous occasion gives you the perfect alibi to restore associations with your customers of yore by bestowing personalized Diwali Gifts.  

Unique Personalized Diwali Gifts Can Make the Recipient Feel Special

unique personalisd diwali gifts

Unique personalized Diwali gifts can make your clients-the recipients-feel special. When you print or engrave the name of the recipient of the gift (say a pen or pen drive), he’ll feel honored. Every time, the client uses the pen drive or pen, he’ll automatically look at his name and become elated.

You’re fully aware of the significance of establishing a long-term relationship with your clientele, both existing and new. You may have to work harder to retain new customers, compared to hanging on to steadfast clients. Giving Diwali gifts for clients will not only let your new clients have a good impression of your company but also help retain the allegiance of old customers.

How to Make a Simple Diwali Gift Remarkable and Unique

The majority of employers and businesses believe that their stakeholders expect to receive expensive corporate personalized Diwali gifts. However, in reality, this is not so. As a matter of fact, your clients will be immensely pleased and delighted even with receiving simple gifts, provided you add a personal touch. In order to personalize Diwali gift for client, make use of the following tips:-

  • Stamp your company’s name and logo-Stamp your company’s name and logo on the gift wrapping for customizing the gift. You’ll be making a lasting impression if you print the client’s name on the gift. Additionally, printing the name of the client will add to the customization aspect.
  • Slip in a handwritten thank-you note-Slipping in a short and catchy handwritten note rather than sending an email will make a stronger impact.
  • Place your order for gifts well in advance- The festive season is a very busy time for everybody, including retailers and dealers. If you do not place your orders in advance, there is a high possibility of your receiving the gifts after Diwali. So, order your corporate personalized Diwali gifts well in advance for complete peace of mind. 
  • Do not use aggressive marketing language-Keeping in mind the festive spirit refrains from using aggressive marketing language in the handwritten note. You can take it for granted that if the client appreciates your gesture, he or she’ll surely go out of the way to promote your brand.

How to Personalize Diwali Gift for Client to Make Him or Her Feel Happy

diwali gift for client

Top Ten Corporate Personalized Diwali Gifts for Clients

  1. Personalized Chess Wooden Box Hip Flask Gift Pack Set of 6
  2. Noise QI Fast Wireless Stand Charger
  3. Men’s Leather Belt Wallet with Sunglasses Combo
  4. Customized Hip Flask Stitched Leather Set of Six
  5. 4-in-1 Leather Wallet Card Holder Belt with Keychain Set
  6. Blueberry Tea Set
  7. Photo Frame Double Dove
  8. 5000mAh Power Bank Notebook with 16GB Pen Drive
  9. Blackberry Executive Laptop Bag
  10. Swiss Military Trolley Bag HTL31 

Choose Unique Personalized Diwali Gifts for your Clients to make them feel special on this occasion, you can customize your own gifts with printed logo/Name.

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