Scout Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

  • Made of 18/8 high-grade premium quality stainless steel. It has a "Thermoseal" layer with copper coating to give you one of the best performances for heat retention. The product is proudly made in India. Vacusteel Technology is this unique collaboration of steel and vacuum for superior insulation, which allows your beverage to stay hot or cold for 24 hours.
  • The insulating cap is made of leakproof technology. The cap is made of high quality Stainless steel with inner insulating layer. The high quality Silicon rubber band ensures that your hot or cold liquid does not leak. It is airtight and seals the temperature inside. The leakproof technology ensures that the bottle is carried arround easily without the fear of spillage and leak. It keeps your beverage intact.
  • The bottle is extremely fashionable, with the cola shaped stainless steel body. It comes in multiple bright and vibrant colours with dual shade and in different capacities to suit your needs and personality. It ensures that now your insulated bottle is colourful and fashionable and not boring.The shape is the most prefered shaped for bottles as it is stylish and easily fit the bottle holder in your bag or into your purse. The broader bottom with the decreasing circumference as it moves to the top of the bottle help it to fit in any cup holder or pouch.
  • The bottle is ergonomically design to fit in any grip easily. The sleek and rouand uniform shape of the bottle make it easier to carry in your purse or bag easily.
  • The design and shape of the bottle with the Vaccusteel technology makes an ideal bottle to carry it to gym, Yoga classes, for outdoor activities, office, drive and trecks. The Bottle come with a Sleek matching colour hand band to carry it easily in your hand.
  • Bottle Capacity: 500 ML, 750 ML & 1000 ML



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