What are the best Diwali gift ideas for clients and employees in 2019?

What are the best Diwali gift ideas for clients and employees in 2019?

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most important religious event of Hindus, celebrated with pomp and gaiety by millions globally. Exchanging gifts during this pious occasion to express gratitude has long become an established tradition. Almost everybody, from a 10-year old youngster to a nonagenarian, chooses the best Diwali gift ideas for clients and employees exchanged gifts to show admiration and love towards one another.

The festival also offers the perfect occasion for companies, big and small, to acknowledge the contribution of clients and employees by presenting corporate Diwali gifts. Giving gifts to employees on Diwali makes them feel special and boosts their morale, thereby encouraging them to work towards personal and professional development. On the other hand, offering special Diwali gifts to clients goes a long way in promoting your business.

Your clients and employees are two of the most vital groups of stakeholders, playing a key role in the advancement of your business. Therefore, bestowing gifts to your employees and customers on the auspicious occasion of Diwali helps establish a lasting bond with them. You should take extra care while choosing the best Diwali gift ideas for clients and employees

Ensure that the Diwali gifts for employees and Diwali gifts for clients you select are customized and have a personal touch.

Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients

There’s no gainsaying that customers are the lifeblood of your business. Your clients are the be-all and end-all of your company or business enterprise. So, making them feel valued and keeping them in good humor, especially on festive occasions like Diwali matters a lot. Present Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients which they can use, and make sure to package it nicely, adorning the package with colorful embellishments.  

best Diwali gift ideas

Bestowing Diwali gifts for clients printed with the name and logo of your company keeps your customers enthused and happy. Most importantly, giving away Diwali gifts for clients embossed with the company’s logo facilitates brand promotion and advertisement. Engraving the name of the customer on the present or souvenir will make the Diwali gifts for clients more personalized.  

1. Best Diwali Gift Ideas for female clients

Make your young female customers feel special and connect with the woman inside them by gifting chocolate boxes, aromatic candles, cookware, Laxmi and Ganesha idols. You can also pick from gold plated cuff bracelets, Ganesha pendant earrings, photo frames, hand blenders, and air fryers.

2. Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Male clients

Gift smartphone covers, cuff links, pen drives, power banks, Bluetooth headphones, noise cancellation headsets, and gift checks to young male clients as tokens of acknowledgment. Bring a smile to their lips by gifting them    

3. Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Senior clients

Offer membership to an elderly club or activity center, blanket sets, spectacles case, multi-compartment box, cozy shoes and slippers, gardening kit, tea hampers, and handcrafted personalized bookmarks.

Trending Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Your employees serve as valuable human resources, helping your business thrive and stay competitive. Members of your staff make a concerted effort every day to make your company grow and prosper. Apart from the occasional raise and performance-based incentives, presenting a valuable gift during Diwali, makes your staff members feel valued.

best Diwali gift ideas

Pick and choose Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees based on their personality type, and their interests and preferences. For instance, if some of your staff members are soccer or baseball enthusiasts, gift them sports merchandise like a sports tee or cap. Strengthen the rapport with your members of staff by tagging a handwritten thank you note on the packaging of Diwali gift for employees.

1. Best Diwali Gift Ideas for male employees

Some of the trending Diwali gifts for male employees who’re young are media streaming devices, robotic vacuum cleaner, gym membership, coffee maker, poker kit, grooming kit, and smartwatch.

2. Best Diwali Gift Ideas for female employees

Strengthen your bonding with young female employees by gifting them eco-friendly household cleaning kit, spa hampers dark chocolate box, and beauty, jewelry, and accessories boxes.

3. Best Diwali Gift Ideas for elder employees

Express your reverence towards and appreciation for elderly employees by presenting them a couple of watches, gourmet food basket, air purifier, ornamental bowl set, and diyas with divinity statues 

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas Profession Wise or by Nature of Business

best Diwali gift ideas

1. Innovative Diwali gifts for IT professionals 

IT professionals form an indispensable segment of the workforce and therefore are always in demand. Profession wise Diwali gifts ideas would include laptop bag, mousepads, smartphone charger, credit card pen drive, wireless mouse, USB flash drive, and fitness tracker band.

2. Unique Diwali gifts for sales and marketing personnel

The sales and marketing team forms the core of your firm, helping promote your product or service. Appreciate their contribution by gifting them tabletop organizer, travel case, notepads, laptop bags, personalized stationery, and customized diary with bookmark

3. Corporate Diwali gifts for vendors

Suppliers and distributors are instrumental in helping maintain and update your inventory. Make them feel happy and let them celebrate without any inhibitions by offering those Laxmi and Ganesha idols, decorative candles, aromatic diyas, lucky bamboo, and dry fruits combo, and bonsai plants.

4. Trending Diwali gifts for accounting staff

Accountants help maintain records of financial transactions. Keep them in high spirits during Diwali by gifting them personalized leather visiting card holder, customized laptop folder, balance sheet card, wireless vertical mouse, and diary with power bank



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