9 Top Trending Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas 2019

9 Top Trending Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas 2019

Diwali, the festival of lights commemorated on a massive scale throughout the world, offers the perfect occasion for exchanging customized corporate Diwali gifts  During Diwali, everybody is in a celebratory mood and everyone wishes to bolster their relationships with others by presenting innovative Diwali gifts. Though one is spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting personal gifts, individuals and commercial establishments have it easy choosing trending corporate Diwali gift.

As an entrepreneur or employer, you can choose from a select range of personalized corporate gifts or custom corporate gifts. You can make the most of unique Diwali gift ideas for making a lasting impression on your clients and employees. At the same time, the trending corporate Diwali gift can go a long way in bolstering business relations and promoting your brand.

The following are 9 top trending corporate Diwali gift and best corporate gift ideas that will help you decide what to gift your clients and employees on Diwali.

1. Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Household Gifts

Impress your clientele, members of staff, suppliers, and everybody else connected with your business by presenting them customized corporate Diwali gifts for households. You can pick and choose from a wide range of trendy personalized corporate Diwali gifts.

Some of the most popular and trending corporate Diwali gift for household include:-

  • coffee mugs
  • casseroles set
  • cool kegs and jugs
  • Trolley bags
  • Keyrings/ key chains
  •  Tea set
  • Cookie Platter
  • Pop up pitcher
  • Pooja Thali
  • Ice bucket
  • Desktop stationery
Trending corporate Diwali gift

You can add a personal touch to the above Diwali household gifts by printing the name of your company on them. Embossing company logo or tagline could help promote and reinforce the brand image and identity. If you so wish, you can print customers’ and employees’ names on the coffee mugs, key rings, and pooja thalis.

Imprinting names or photographs of your personnel or customers shows that you care about them and wish to strengthen the relationships. You can pick from different shapes and sizes, colors, and materials for further customizing the innovative Diwali gifts.

2. Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Photo Frames

Are you looking to establish a lasting rapport with your company’s stakeholders during this Diwali? One good way of effectively impressing your clientele and staff members is to present them trending corporate Diwali gift. Chic and premium personalized corporate gifts comprise power bank, selfie speaker, desk lamp, wireless charger, home appliances, smartwatches, and jewelry.

However, such items command a high price and gifting the same in bulk could burn a hole in your pocket. So, if you’re on a budget, you can explore a variety of unique Diwali gift ideas that are pocket-friendly and affordable. For instance, you can go for personalized photo frames with the name and logo of your company printed on them.


Trending corporate Diwali gift

You can select from the following types of customized photo frames:-

  • Basic photo frame
  • Rotating dual photo frame with clock
  • Magnetic photo frame with a clock displaying temperature
  • Personalized photo frame with clock
  • Family photo frame
  • Double heart arrow photo frame

3. Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Chocolates

There used to be a time when employers, businesspersons, and tycoons used to present dry fruits, sweetmeats, and confectionaries packaged in personalized corporate gift hampers. Apart from gifting sweets and dry fruits in eye-catching cartons, businessmen and magnates It also presented decorative lamps and diyas as souvenirs. However, since the past two decades, chocolates of premium brands have replaced dry fruits and sweetmeats as trending corporate Diwali gift.

Trending corporate Diwali gift

So, impart a sweet touch to your business relationships and take the associations to the next level by saying it with chocolates. Browse through the following personalized chocolate gift packs and cartons increasingly becoming popular as best corporate gift ideas:-

  • Diwali Cadbury Bournville Chocolate Gift Pack
  • Happy Diwali Cadbury Chocolates Personalized Gift Box
  • Cadbury Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack
  • Personalized Cadbury Assorted Chocolate
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate
  • Hershey Kisses with Chocolate Shots & Truffles in a Goodie Bag
  • Chocolate Gift Pack for Diwali (an assortment of chocolates including Hershey’s chocolate bars, KitKat bar, Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar, and rose candles)
  • Toblerone combo chocolate gift- 6 x 100g packs with free silver plated coin 

4.  Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Gifts Set

Bestowing trending corporate Diwali gift sets is the perfect way of expressing gratitude to your staff and clientele who contribute hugely towards endorsing your brand. More often than not, a meticulously chosen innovative Diwali gift set could be a deal-breaker and work wonders when words don’t suffice. Seeing your employees smile when you offer them a special Diwali gift pack also makes you intensely happy.

Gift your staff members and customers their favorite custom Diwali gift they’ve been yearning for and they’ll remember you for years to come. Just imagine how excited they are and how confident they feel when they attend office on the eve of Diwali. Your clients and employees are agog with excitement, fervently hoping to receive customized corporate Diwali gifts from you.

Trending corporate Diwali gift

Take your pick from the following best corporate gift ideas and live up to your stakeholders’ expectations by showering these gifts on them:-

  • Shubh Labh wall hanging with cashew, almonds, and hazelnuts
  • Festive sweetness (embellished small candle tray with Ganesha ornamentation with Lindt, Cadbury, Hershey, and Toblerone chocolates)
  • 3 piece gift set cardholder pen and notebook
  • Business tech gift combo (smartphone charger, 2 side data cable for Android and iOS, and metallic pen with logo)
  • Brown wallet combo unisex gift set   

5.  Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Branded Gifts

Stay connected in a unique and special way to those who work round the year to improve your bottom line by bestowing branded corporate gifts. Get in the festive mood this Diwali and celebrate the festival of lights with your company’s well-wishers by gifting branded items. You can select from a sweeping range of wares from renowned companies like Adidas, Parker, SHEAFFER, Urban Gear, and Toreto.

Trending corporate Diwali gift

Check out the following items of the above firms:-

  • Apparels
  • Pullovers
  • Sneakers
  • Cookie platter
  • Tea set
  • Travel Bag
  • Noise isolation Bluetooth headphones
  • Laptop backpack
  • Wireless speaker
  • USB charger

Most of these companies run promotional offers and offer hefty discounts when you order items in bulk. So, you do not need to worry about breaking the bank when you place online orders for branded corporate items.

6.     Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Divinity Gift

Trending corporate Diwali gift

Inculcate and instill feelings of divinity by gifting statues and statuettes of Ganesha and Lakshmi-deities that is worshipped during Diwali. Make the most of best corporate gift ideas by opting for one or more of the following divinity gifts:-

  • Customized Ganpati idol
  • Dancing Ganesha idol
  • Golden Radha Krishna statue
  • Personalized Ganesha statue (metallic finish)
  • Polyresin Ganesha idol playing Tabla
  • Polyresin Ganesha Idol playing Veena
  • Handcrafted Silver Plated Laxmi and Ganesha Temple Set
  • German silver & gold peacock bowl set    

7.    Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Diwali Gold Coins/Silver Coins

Diwali is celebrated with pomp and splendor not only in India but in other countries of the world as well. During Diwali which is India’s most popular festival, people irrespective of age, caste, creed, and religion come together to celebrate. In this festive occasion, individuals express their appreciation for near and dear ones and business establishments convey thankfulness to employees and patrons through gifts.

Trending corporate Diwali gift

One of the best ways of acknowledging your staff’s and clients’ contributing is by giving away custom corporate gifts. Gifting gold and silver coins during Diwali is a time-honored tradition that continues to be very popular and trendy. Choose Diwali gold and silver coins from the listing below:-

 8.     Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Gold Plated Gifts

Gold as one of the most valuable metals has a universal appeal that is timeless and enduring. Gold has always been and will continue to be treasured and cherished by humans, irrespective of caste, creed, ethnicity or religion.  Make your patrons and staff members cheerful by offering them gold plated photo frames and golden business card holders-trendy corporate Diwali gifts.

Trending corporate Diwali gift

Of course, you can pick and choose from the following gold plated items as well:-

  • Golden Parker Ball Pen
  • Gold plated van
  • Golden four-seater vintage car
  • Titanium plus gold plated Swiss military ball pen
  • Golden photo frame with pen stand

9.     Trending Corporate Diwali Gift- Electronic Gifts

Your customers are the essence and lifeblood of your business. It is because of your clientele that you’ve been able to achieve unprecedented success in your commercial segment. Acknowledge their contribution in a distinctive and exclusive manner by offering them corporate electronic gifts and personalized tech gifts. You can select from an extensive range of corporate electronic gifts including but not limited to power banks with multiple USB slots, diaries with power banks, Android and iOS compatible type C and lightning charging cables.

Trending corporate Diwali gift

In fact, when it comes to selecting personalized tech gifts, your options are near-infinite:-

  • Multifunctional speakers with add-ons like FM radio, Bluetooth, and micro-SD card/USB slot
  • Wireless speaker with power bank and selfie stick
  • Sports stereo earphones with neckband
  • Desk lamp with USB port, built-in Bluetooth and speaker
  • 5000mAh power bank notebook with 16GB pen drive
  • Blaupunkt portable Bluetooth speaker


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