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Diwali Gifts

Corporate Diwali Gifts 2023

Never worry about missing the Diwali celebrations this year, just place an order with and get a wide range of Diwali gifts delivered to your doorstep! Promotional Wears is a leading vendor and supplier of Diwali gifts online. We offer original Diwali gifts such as Diwali gifts under 500, Diwali home textile gift items, Diwali pooja thali set, Diwali gifts household items, Diwali mugs and cups, Diwali gold coins, Diwali silver coins, Diwali gift set, Diwali luxury gift items, Diwali gift hampers and so on in various categories for you to choose from. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for providing quality products and services at affordable prices. All of our Corporate Diwali Gifts are customized with your brand name and logo making them premium Diwali gifts. Shop for budget Diwali gifts for employees now!

Customized Corporate Diwali Gifts are perfect as corporate gifts, promotional products, and giveaways. The range includes Corporate Diwali Gifts like Corporate Diwali Sweets, Corporate Diwali T-Shirts, Corporate Diwali Cufflinks, Corporate Diwali Glasses, Corporate Diwali Coffee Cups, Corporate Diwali Pens, and many more. These customized corporate Diwali gifts are perfect for promoting your brand or business in the most cost-effective way. They are also great as employee rewards, team-building activities, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the best gift for employees on Diwali?

Answer: Diwali is a festival of lights and celebration, so a gift that you can get for your employees is a candle holder or an idol of Lord Ganesha & Goddess Lakshmi that can brighten up their desks. You can also give them some Diwali Hampers as a gesture of thanks for all their hard work throughout the year. Additionally, you can arrange a lunch party or team-building activities for all to enjoy together.

Here are some affordable and thoughtful gift ideas for Diwali 2023:

1. Customized Bags For Diwali: This year, why not gift them with personalized bags? They will definitely love it! Not only that, personalized bags are also a great way to stay connected with your employees even when they’re on the other side of the world.

2. Luxury Diwali Gift Hampers: Hampers are a great way to celebrate Diwali without breaking the bank. It's the perfect solution for those looking to host an extravagant Diwali celebration. With a range of options available at Promotional Wears, it’s easy to find the right gift hampers for any budget.

3. Gold And Silver Gifts: Gold and silver coins are a great way to add value to your Diwali gifts. You can also customize these gifts with the employee's name or the company's logo making it a perfect corporate Diwali gift 2023.

4. Personalized Diwali Gifts: There's no better way to say “Happy Diwali!” than with a personalized gift. Personalized gifts are the perfect way to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Promotional Wears offers a range of personalized Diwali gifts - personalized keychains, customized wireless speakers, custom water bottles, household items, custom, gift sets, cups and saucers, tech gadgets, and more.

5. Cups and mugs: Mugs and cups are not just for drinking tea, they are also a very decorative item to have in your house. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles when buying mugs and cups, making them a fun and unique gift idea.

6. A mouse pad is always a useful item to have in the office. Make sure you choose one that is versatile and can fit on any laptop or desktop. You can get it in different colors and designs. These can be useful giveaways to employees in an office setting or at work-related events and gatherings.

7. Something that is always needed and appreciated in an office setting is a nice pen set. You can get these in different designs and colors as well as types of material (plastic or wooden). These sets can include different kinds of pens and highlighters for writing or brainstorming ideas.

8. In today's world, most people have earbuds or headphones with them almost all the time. That's why a portable mobile phone charger is also a great gift idea for employees this Diwali (2023). It will be helpful when they're on the go with their music listening devices and smartphones!

Q2. What are appropriate Diwali gifts?

Answer: You can find a variety of innovative Diwali gifts online at Promotional Wears India. You can get personalized Diwali gifts like Diwali thalis, Diwali bags, Diwali pooja thali, Diwali diyas, Diwali table lamps, Diwali box, Diwali frames, Diwali pen sets, diwali keychain, Diwali mugs, Diwali mobile cover, Diwali mobile cases, Diwali spoons, Diwali incense holders, Diwali t-shirts, diwali ties, diwali caps, diwali shirts, diwali pants, diwali suits, diwali scarves, diwali sweaters, diwali stoles, diwali silver coins, diwali gold coins, diwali hampers, diwali goodies, diwali cufflinks, diwali tie pins, diwali tea sets, diwali mobile back covers, diwali mobile cases, diwali laptop sleeves, diwali laptop skins, diwali earphones, diwali speakers, diwali headphones, diwali in-ear headphones, diwali over-ear headphones, diwali wireless headphones, diwali gaming headphones, diwali noise-cancelling headphones, branded diwali gifts, luxury diwali gifts, premium diwali gifts and more.

Q3. What is the price range of Promotional Wears Diwali gifts?

Answer: The price range of Diwali gifts can vary depending on the product you choose to gift. However, at Promotional Wears we have diwali gifts for all budgets, you can choose from Diwali Gifts under 500, Diwali Gifts under 1000, Diwali Gifts under 2000, Diwali Gifts Above 2000. We offer the best corpoarate diwali gifts in India.

Q4. What are some Diwali gift ideas under 500?

Answer: Promotional Wears offers the best customized diwali gifts under 500

- Gift Sets: We have a range of diwali gift sets under 500 which includes a set of pens with the company logo and custom card holder, pen sets, eco mugs set, a set of keychains and a pen, a pen and a notebook and more. You can also design your own diwali gift box with your company logo on all the gift items from

- Utility Gifts: Utility gifts can be anything from a diary to a phone case or even a lunch box. You can get this little thing that would really help someone out and make them happy at the same time!

- Shopping Totes & Bags: We offer a range of customised shopping totes and bags which includes diwali bags, cotton bags, wine carriers, eco friendly bags, toiletry kit, travel bag, diwali laptop bag, duffle bags, and more.

-Customized Water Bottles: They are a great gift idea for those with a big taste in the outer world. Be it the beach, the park or even your home, customized water bottles are perfect for keeping your favorite drinks at hand no matter where you go.

-Custom Clothing: They are one of the best and unique diwali gifts under 500 which includes happy diwali t shirts, happy diwali shirts, happy diwali caps, happy diwali ties, and more

Q5. What are some Diwali gift ideas under 1000?

Answer: Promotional Wears offers the best customized diwali gifts under 1000

- Diwali Gift Sets: We have the best collection of diwali gift sets under 1000 which comes in a personalised diwali gift box with your brand logo. It includes custom bottles, logo pens, personalised flask, customised mugs, logo t shirt, business logo keychain, custom logo notebook, custom pendrive, mobile holder, tech gadgets and any other customised gift items you can choose from our range of products.

- Diwali Religious Gifts: These include idols of deities such as Saraswati, Lakshmi and Ganesha. You can gift traditioditional diwali gifts which are the best eco friendly diwali gifts 2023.

-Branded Pens: We offer range of custom breanded pens under 1000, they can be a ideal gift for this diwali season. 

Ordering branded pens from promotional wears is easy, you can add each employee's name on pen for more personalised gift.

-Diwali Gift Hampers: This Diwali give something innovative and unique gifts. Our custom made Diwali hampers includes range of personalised gift items such as flask, mugs, t shirts , shirts, blankets, wireless speakers, power banks, pen drives, usb hubs, notebook, pen and more. You can also create your own gift hamper at Promotional Wears.

- 5 Gram Silver Coin: When you want a gift that has personal meaning, a personalized silver coin is a great option for diwali gifting. You can customize a coin, with the recipient name or buy a silver coin with lord Ganesha Lakshmi.

- Custom Backpacks: Backpacks are an ideal gift because they offer plenty of storage space, making them a practical choice for anyone who needs to carry a lot of things on a regular basis. In addition to being practical, backpacks are also stylish. People can choose from many different styles, so there's no reason not to find something that suits your style perfectly.

Q6. What are some Diwali gift ideas under 2000?

Answer: Promotional Wears offers the best customized diwali gifts under 2000 which includes customised branded clothing, branded gift sets, branded bags and backpacks, customised silver coins and more. You will get the perefect diwali gift under 2000.

Q7. What should I give my Indian friend for Diwali?

Answer: There’s no secret to what to give your Indian friend for Diwali. Just be sure that it’s something they really want and will use. But you can also get creative with the gift. For example, for music lovers you can give them a wireless speaker with your friend name on it.

Q8. What do companies gift to employees on Diwali?

Answer: Each company has its own culture. Some may prefer the festival to be celebrated without any gifts, while others choose to provide gifts to their employees on Diwali.

Q9. What do you give your boss for Diwali?

Answer: Well, Diwali is a festival of lights, so there is no better gift than a gift of lights. You can give your boss a desk lamp, tea light holder or even solar led lights. These give festive lights on the desk and make your workplace look beautiful. You can also gift your boss something that will make his life easier. An eye massager would be a great way to relax after a long day. After all, he is the one who works hard to make sure you always have enough work!

Q10. What can I put in a Diwali hamper gift?

Answer: There are many things you can put in a Diwali hamper gift. First, you could include sweets in the gift. Sweet treats are a common part of Diwali celebrations and can be included in hamper gifts. Another food item that can be included is nuts and dry fruits. These are often included in Diwali gift baskets because they complement the sweetness of the sweets and make the gift more filling. You can also include candles, incense, and other decorative items that are common at Diwali celebrations. A Diwali hamper gift is a great way to combine several festive supplies into one present.

Q11. What are some unique corporate Diwali gifts a company could give?

Answer: If you want to give a unique and special gift to your staff, you can choose plaques or trophies. These are always appreciated by employees, even though they may not use them regularly, they will always be a reminder of your appreciation. Award plaques and trophies are mementos that can be displayed in an office or residence. They are designed to commemorate an achievement, event, or milestone and are an affordable way to recognize achievements. They provide a constant reminder of past efforts and put in perspective past successes and current efforts.

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