3 Mugs Vacuum Flask Set White

  • 3 Mugs Vacuum Flask Set White is the perfect travel companion for anyone on the go.
  • With its double-layer vacuum insulation, this set will keep your hot and cold drinks at low temperatures for 12 hours, making it the ideal choice for those long days away from home.
  • The set also includes 3 travel cup lids, which can double as heat insulation service cups.
  • The twisting and dumping function allows you to dump it without moving the stopper and put it in the bag without worrying about overflow or leakage.
  • With its sleek design and white color, this set is sure to add some style to your on-the-go lifestyle.

So why wait? Grab yourself a set of 3 Mugs Vacuum Flask Set White today!

Capacity: 500ml

Colors: Black, White, Gray, Blue, Silver, Green



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