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Features of Promotionalwears

A remarkable journey of illuminating memories with a pledge to deliver outstanding quality at an unbeatable price.  Devoted to honest values and timeless style offered every time with a twist. Endeavour to establish a personal relationship by personalizing merchandise. For Promotionalwears customers, employees and community come first. These rare attributes make Promotionalwears an exclusive leader in online printing.

Promotionalwears is guided with a vision to become a global leader in online merchandise printing. We are embraced to change, be its technology, material or any other trait to deliver the best to our customers. We always listen to our clients, exchange our thoughts to develop a loyal relationship that won't found anywhere else.

How do we customize?

Customization is needed to boost sales and creating awareness about the brand. It is a great opportunity towards brand promotion, and Promotionalwears understands the essence of brand promotion in today's competitive market.

We at Promotionalwears start customization:-

By knowing the strategic value that customer will derive from the customized product. That means whether customization aimed at brand advocacy, marketing, advertising or just for the social campaign.

It is important to know how muchcustomization is required by a customer on the product. Some customer asks for a unique product altogether while others look for minor customization like adding a monogram or brand logo on the shirts.

We offer our customers simple and easy design templates. And if a customer wants to create his/her design our online customization tool offers unique features to create the desired design.

We allow our customers to share the created designs with their family and friends.  Not only this we allow them to create a virtual catalogue of their designs.

What products user can Customize?

Decent apparels contribute a lot in looking better. Fascinate your daily clothing with our customized shirts, T-shirts, Caps and Hats, Sweatshirts, Ties, and Cufflinks. And even more, we offer the customization of branded apparels also.

We offer our customers the customization of all Branded Bags, Duffle Trolley Bags, exclusive Laptop bags or Jute Bags. We provide visualization of bags so that one can make a selection of material, style and color combination.

Awards and trophies represent a sense of achievement and appreciation. We customize them in a manner that you cherish your achievements as and when you look at them. We customize all kind of awards like Trophies, Cups, Badges, Medal and many others.

Business gifts are customized to leave an everlasting impression. We create unique business gifts by customizing and branding with your company's logo or either by engraving your business messages. We offer a broad range of business gifts and if you are looking for something different we partner you to find a corporate gift to achieve your goal of marketing.

Promotionalwears offer customized utility gifts to keep you prudent while gifting. We offer a range of 5000 utility products at a reasonable price. At a reasonable price, you will allow them to remember you every day.

Luscious grub in a personalized house ware will amuse your appetite. Promotionalwears offer a broad range of housewares at an affordable price to have an elegant kitchen and home appliances. We offer you to use and gift our products to spread well-being in every house.

We have divided the products offered for customization under various categories like Apparel, Bags, Awards, Business Gifts, Utility Gifts and Home & House Ware. Various subcategories are offered to have an easy selection at Promotionalwears.

Featured Products of Promotionalwears:-

Our featured products are aimed to fascinate customers with the products worthy of extra attention. These products are designed, customized and personalized by daily, seasonal and other requirements. They are on sale and available on huge discounts. Our featured products are:-

Visiting Cards :- They are always required to meet the requirement of growing business. We personalize them in a prudent way to create an everlasting first impression.

 Personalized Mugs :- They are used every day, an easy giveaway. Available in more than hundred designs and customized and personalized with a photo, logo or a message can also be encrypted on them.

Notebooks :- We customize them with images or texts as per customer's order. They can be used as gift items or to meet other writing requirements.

Marketing Materials :- We personalize the marketing material like brochure, flyers, leaflets, banner and others in a way to let your presence felt everywhere.

Invitation Envelope :- We personalize your invitations for every occasion to make them memorable.

T-Shirts :- We help you to create your brand and popularize your phrase by personalizing your T-Shirts with your photo, logo and a text of your choice.

Embroidered Products :- Get any product embroidered with your favorite brand without paying any extra charges. We offer embroidery on casual wears, employee uniform, and any other products.

Photo Calendar :- We personalize your calendar with the chosen photographs to fill every day with your great memories.

Movie Mania :- We keep your movie mania image intact by personalizing your products with the photos, dialogues and any other details of your favorite star.

Types of Printing and Material use to support printing at Promotionalwears.

Promotionalwears use different types of printing methods. The selection of printing method purely based on product type and material employed in the manufacturing of the products.

Fabric Printing:-Fabrics are printed by using DTG (Direct to Garment    Technology), Silk Screen Printing and screen printing.

Direct to Garment: - DTG uses Eco-friendly water-based inks for a softer feel. It offers a full range of color usage and greater clarity. It can be used on any fabric material.

Silk Screen Printing: - Plastisol vibrant opaque ink used for printing. It is used for bulk orders as it allows to offer greater discounts. Applicable to almost all kinds of fabric materials.

Digital Printing: -Most popular and most reliable types of Printing as Digital Printing. We are the biggest Digital Printing products supplier in india.

Screen Printing: -It is also a better choice for printing on T-shirts and other apparels. It offers quick and easy prints. And of great use when it comes to print the same kind of design on several T-shirts.

Glassware Printing:-

Glass Etching: -One of the high-quality ways to personalize drink-ware or crystal business awards and many other glass-wares. They are the only one who is expert in glass etching techniques.

Color fill: - Used to fill colors on wedding flutes, crystal items, and other glass-wares. Promotional gifts offer six different shades of colors to make eye-catching personalized gifts.

Engraving: - Engraving is one the technique that is used almost on all product type be its glassware, fabric, plastic-ware or any other form of products. One the engraving style mentioned below.

Embroidery: -Embroidery is also one of the techniques used by Promotionalwears to personalize the gifts. They are experts in making the soft and cuddly gifts more unique by embroidering name and monogram on them. The embroidery engraved on the products like teddy bears, robes, cozy throws, soft pillows, quilts, lunch boxes, backpack and many other items. They offer fifteen embroidery fonts and four types of monogram styles. Embroidery threads are available in 25 different colors.

Cost Offered by Promotionalwears

Promotionalwears is famous for its transparent pricing amongst the customer. They offer customers to exercise full control while choosing the product they want to customize.

Promotionalwears offer a unique printing process; this allows the customer to have the full understanding of cost structure, and they are aware of the cost they are incurring on each of the printing processes.

Services offered by Promotionalwears.

Promotionalwears offers a professional and ultimate solution for all printing requirements. Our services are aimed to turn the idea of printing to a promotional item, marketing material, and professional document and even more to everlasting sweet memories when printing is for personal reason. Our services includes:-

Designing Products:-

We offer a broad range of templates that can be easily downloaded from our site and useful for your design.

We provide a good range of pre-made designs to have an easy selection.

We are compatible not only with PDF files while we offer our customers to upload their word document, Photoshop, PowerPoint or any other types of files.

Customers can see physical as well as electronic proof of their product designs.

Our dynamic price-preview will instantly give you the cost of design you selected for your product.

We offer refund or reprint options for the products but only after observation of any deviation from ordered design.

Shipping & Printing Services at Promotionalwears:-

          We are committed to a door-step delivery of the printed products.

Promotionalwears provide excellent printing and customizing quality like vibrant colors, great finishing, precise cutting, and folding.

Promotionalwears provide Gloss finish accompanied with the matte finish to make your product appear more professional.

We offer personalized assistance to all your printing and customization queries through phone calls, email, live chat and other sources.

Above all we offer our customers premium printing quality to make their products look outstanding.

Our excellent quality combined with great services makes us an ideal solution for all your printing requirements.

What do we do for any business?

Irrespective of the business size that is whether a Corporate House, Small Business or a Re-seller we provide our best services to let them have an acclaimed business coupled with outstanding profit. In our strive to do so, we provide them,

Huge discounts of up to 25% on the order value. Further, more they buy huge the discount we are going to offer.

Free logo engraving on their products over a particular order value.

Unique business gifting ideas and information about business gifting to make their occasions remarkable and memorable.

An update of special promotional offers and new product announcements.

Advice on how to design a perfect message for their events and occasions.

Unmatched font choice to keep their brand's phrase ringing.


What benefits business group join us?

Promotionalwears has an advanced business model that is designed not only to promote the giant corporate houses but to allow small businesses and resellers get benefited from this model.

Benefits Offered to Small Businesses:-

Our advanced business model offer them a prudent online printing and customization of their products.

Not only money this model will allow them to save their efforts and time to utilize it for their business advancement.

Our expert designers team is there to rescue them from following the designers to have an eye-catching look for their products.

We provide an automated and straightforward delivery of training material anywhere in the world.

We allow small businesses to join us as a reseller.

Benefits Offered to Resellers:-

We allow them to earn more by expanding their product range as we offer a vast range of customized and printed products.

  One-stop solution for all mobile accessories, printing, gifting and other requirements of a similar business.

Reseller can sell the products purchased from us at any price to make a high profit.

Volume based discount starts as soon as a customer order 10 or more items as we consider it as a bulk order.

We offer discounts by issuing coupons that can be collected from our customer care executives.

Benefits Offered to Corporate or Big Business Houses:-

Our advanced business model is designed to advise them on their selection of gift items for employee, clients and customers; it will allow them to promote their business alongside keeping them delighted.

We make occasions enduring and indelible by offering expert design services for engraving messages on the product of their choice irrespective of their budgets.

We are not restricted to customizing and designing rather go beyond and deliver their products at the doorstep to let them enjoy their opulent occasion.