Inverted Umbrella with Hands free Handle

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Inverted Umbrella with Hands free Handle
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  • Inverted Umbrella with Hands-free Handle

    • Innovative new design, solving all problems of traditional umbrellas
    • Innovative inverted design opens in reverse, keeping the wet side contained and preventing drips.
    • Windproof construction with a durable double-layer canopy provides superior resistance against strong winds.
    • Perfect for travel, commuting, and everyday use, offering both functionality and modern design.
    • Unique design makes getting into and out of a car or home much easier while shielding you from the rain longer
    • When closed, its wet side is inside so the outer side is always dry
    • Self-standing design enables it to dry in a very little space
    • Special C shape handle makes you hands-free for holding a baby, bag, or mobile
    • Windproof: Works in the strong wind also as it is already inverted
    *Product size and color may vary slightly as per actual product

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