Locomyst X Humidifier with Speaker

XECHLocomyst X Humidifier with Speaker
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  • Locomyst X Humidifier with Speaker

    • Locomyst X is a premium cool mist humidifier with a choo-choo sound when you switch it on.
    • There's also a Bluetooth speaker in a cute locomotive design that plays your favourite tunes over Bluetooth.
    • You can also play your favourite music while you relax with Locomyst X, which connects wirelessly to your smartphone.
    • With Locomyst X, you can play your favourite music to keep the mood up while you work or relax.
    • A Bluetooth interface connects to your smartphone, allowing you to play your favourite tunes.
    • The lights at the bottom of the humidifier flash when you turn them on, creating a night light to help you unwind and relax after a long day's work.
    *Product size and color may vary slightly as per actual product

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