Fairy Photo Frame Gold Plated

Fairy Photo Frame Gold Plated
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Minimum order quantity is 10
  • Article No: PGG39785

   This beautiful photo frame is plated with 24k gold, providing a radiant and high-quality finish that exudes sophistication and luxury.

   Adorned with four colored Swarovski crystals, the frame shines with exceptional brilliance and adds a touch of vibrant elegance.

   With a width of 10.0 cm, length of 4.3 cm, and height of 7.0 cm, this decorative piece is the perfect size for desks, shelves, or display cabinets, adding a refined touch without overwhelming the space.

  • 24k Gold Plated
  • 4 Sparkling Colored SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS
  • 16 Mini Crystals 
  • Width: 10.0 cm
  • Length: 4.3 cm
  • Height: 7.0 cm
  • Weight: 95 g
*Product size and color may vary slightly as per actual product

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